Cultural Exchange


Be an Exchange Student, lives like an average American teenager for a year!

Thousands of students travel to the States yearly to participate in the exchange student program. Why? Simply because this is the best program for students to experience local American culture, to expertize their English ability, and to live like an American teenager for a year.

For the past 20 years, Litz USA Student Service paired up with non-profit exchange student organizations in the U.S, providing precious opportunity for Hong Kong students to study in American public high schools, for the maximum of one academic year.

During your exchange year in the U.S, you will be housed with local American family and supervised by well-experienced field staffs. Exchange student organizations we work with are the leading ones in its field, and is guided by USIA and CSIET.

What so special about this program?
Through this exchange student program you will be living with volunteered local American family and attend area high school. In most cases schools that accept exchange students rarely accept students from the same nationality to enhance your chance on adapting your American life quickly.

Students will be placed in different parts in the U.S, and subjects taken in schools will varies.

In order to participate in this unique program, students must age between 15 to 18 years old, and have the ability to communicate in English.

Program dates:
One academic year - Sept to June, or
One semester - Jan to June (for the half-year program)

Documents required:
3-year transcripts
Passport-sized photos x 8
Bank Statement

Program fee:
HK$ 100,800.00 - public / HK$ 165,000 - private (for 2019/20)

Program fee includes:
High school tuition
Medical insurance
Airport pickup

All exchange students are entitled to our free consultation service until they finish their Undergraduate Degree!

Litz USA Cultural Exchange Program - Hong Kong Students