Why choose to study in USA Community College? (Ming Poa online 2017.11.02)

(Following article was translated by Google translated from original Chinese article as posted in Ming Pao online.)


Many parents and classmates have not yet understood the nature of the college. Some even mistakenly believe that they are "not a university" or only students with poor grades will be enrolled. In fact, the United States collectively refers to the college as a college, divided into two years and four years: two-year college is divided into the government community college (community college) and private private 2 year college (private two-year college); 4 years The private college is called liberal arts college. As many as 45% of students studying in the United States are using the "2+2" (two-year community college + two-year four-year university) to complete their bachelor's degree.

In fact, Hong Kong actually wants to follow the United States to implement the associate degree system. However, since the number of degrees in the University of Hong Kong is far less than the number of degrees in the United States, it has led to the failure of many associate degree students in Hong Kong to be promoted to local universities, and the " associate degree" has become It seems to be a "stain".

So why go to the United States to study for an associate degree? The associate degree system in the United States is perfect, and the community colleges are supported by the US state government. Many 4-year universities encourage students to go to the community college for two years before they transfer to the school. For students, if you want to go to top universities such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc., you don't have to submit SAT scores. Some schools can even exempt TOEFL scores, and the diploma is the same as other students - so the community The college is a shortcut to a prestigious university. 100% of associate degree students can transfer to a four-year university, but to get into the top universities depends on their own achievements in the past two years.

Credits earned at community colleges are recognized by universities across the state, so students don't have to worry too much about the areas they chose at the outset. In addition, most people feel that the cost of studying in the United States is high, because they do not know that they can save a lot in the community school in the first two years (school fees for meals and accommodations of about HK$160,000 a year). Therefore, the community colleges as a "stepping stone" students are not necessarily worse than other students. They only know how to use the American education system to study, and eventually they can progress to the top universities.

Of course, there are still many Hong Kong students who like to enter American universities in the traditional way. Outstanding results in the past three years; SAT or ACT for entrance exams; TOEFL or IELTS scores for English proficiency test; and teacher recommendation letters, cover letters, extracurricular activities, etc. that can highlight personal characteristics. Due to the large number of preparations, students are advised to start preparing one to two years earlier. Now is the time to apply for a US university. Lisi can apply for the application procedures, provide examinations and interview counseling courses for students; improve the chances of successful application, and reduce the workload of students who are also able to cope with public examinations and maintain school performance. pressure.'

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