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Dalton School 道爾頓學校 (紐約州 NY)


Dalton School founded 1919 is a co-educational private independent college preparatory school located on Upper East Side of New York City, NY, USA. Dalton School is a day school with a total student enrollment of around 1,300 from grades K to 12th.

The academic culture at Dalton is intense, yet students are still in a relatively care-free post-middle school daze upon entering high school, things undoubtedly pick up in 10th grade. The increased pressure comes from within the student body, it is a healthy competition, pressure also comes from the culture of success that permeates the high school.

The educational philosophy of Dalton prides itself in allowing its students to focus in on a subject that interests them, allowing them to focus in and excel in a particular subject as they make their way through high school.

The Basics
Setting City
School Type Private Co-ed Day School
Housing n/a
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Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO0G6GmgxeQ&list=PLgI6tSU2UxCRCJ9Z9pqYWW9zihcjXR69P
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalton_School
School Website http://www.dalton.org/
General Information
State New York (NY)
Location Upper East part of NYC
Year Founded 1919
Level Offered K - Grade 12
Enrollment ~1,300
Student-to-Teacher ~7:1


Academics at Dalton are rigorous across the board.

The departments embrace old and new teaching methods from books to iPads to blogging which make almost every course a well-curated learning experience. Emphasis on class discussion makes students more confident in contributing their opinions in roundtable discussions in college.

The English department is strong, it teaches students how to read, write, and think critically and analytically. 9th grade English focuses on classic literature and is writing-heavy, which builds writing skills early on. 11th grade English centers around American Literature, but offers theme-based courses such as New Frontiers and the American Dream, and Rebels, Conformists, and Dreamers. 12th grade English is purely elective based, with exciting courses such as Russian Fiction, Social Misfits in the Victorian Novel, and Existential Comedies: Art & Anxiety in Philip Roth & Woody Allen.

The History Department is the most rigorous, the classes are discussion-based and the curriculum drew mostly from primary sources rather than textbook readings. The teacher played a guiding role rather than a lecturing one, and it was up the students to analyze, discuss, and ask questions about the reading, which would have been assigned as homework the night before.

For the Math department, there is an accelerated track in math, and the students who follow that course have a lot of work and get an excellent education. Advanced courses go beyond calculus: the department offers Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus to particularly advanced students.

Computer Science is a department which went from relatively small to a full-grown, overflowing department full of innovation and excitement within five years. It is an increasingly important subject and a very popular major among college undergraduates.

The Science department follows a standard path: mandatory 9th grade Biology, 10th grade standard or honors Chemistry, 11th grade and 12th grade electives: Environmental Science, Human Physiology, Biotechnology, regular/honors Physics, advanced Chemistry, advanced Physics, and advanced Biology. The lab components to almost all of the classes, giving us a solid introduction to college labs.

Language departments are also strong - the school offers Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Ancient Greek, and Latin. Classes meet four days a week, so the frequency of class meetings helps cement the language skills. Advanced levels of the classes are comparable to college level language classes, conducting classes strictly in the language and basing discussions and essays on sophisticated French, Spanish, etc. literary classics.

The Arts Department at Dalton is one of the best, Visual Arts, Performing Arts (Theater, Dance), and Music are well-funded and well-enrolled departments. The teachers are passionate. The arts are a set of Dalton's best assets which make it different from other prep schools, it could be a time to leave behind the stress and competition of the other academic subjects.

Though Dalton does not follow the Advanced Placement (AP) system, students do scramble to get into and take as many honors classes as possible as it gives them an upper edge for admissions. There is a healthy pressure to get good grades and excel academically comes from students themselves, their parents, and unsurprisingly, a desire to get into college.

School Facilities

The 12-story building is beautiful, up-to-date, and comfortable. The 10th floor library is beautiful and a great, popular place to study. Group study areas are sparse. Students have access to elevators so moving around is easy.

School Life

Student life is good, though as a day school, Dalton students didn't do much mingling during the day. Students have the freedom to leave the building during free time without supervision which fosters independence and responsibility.

Overall Dalton is unique among prep schools because there is a sense of community, respect, and cooperation that trumps the everyday competition.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curriculars at Dalton are a big part of developing each student's personality, whether it is through community service, clubs’ activities, or sports, students are always engaged with projects outside of the classroom.

Almost every student at Dalton participates in one or more extracurricular activities, such as music, various clubs, student newspaper, and the yearbook etc. Sports at Dalton are a big part of the school, and even as a city school, students do have a good amount of school spirit.