Community College


DeAnza College 戴安扎學院 (加州 CA)


De Anza College is a premier community college providing excellent transfer program to 4-year universities. It is a reputable college for students who want to have a vibrant atmosphere to achieve academic success.

* Located in Cupertino, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, De Anza is a mid-size institution with an enrolment of around 9,000 undergraduate students.

* De Anza provide a variety of classes which make it easier for students to narrow down what their interests are and hence their future major area of study.


Online Classes

* The college provides good online learning, professors are understanding and flexible, and will help you if you need it. Professors are quite knowledgeable with online learning technology.



* Most of the instructors are very understanding and inspiring, they always encourage students to ask questions and attend their office hours where they provide additional support.


Transfer to university

* De Anza College has a good system for ensuring the maximum transferable credits. As part of its transfer services mission, De Anza College has established formal articulation agreements and a transfer admission agreement/guarantee (TAA/TAG) program with select colleges and universities.

* The counsellors are also helpful on your transfer decision making process.

* De Anza College consistently ranks among the top 2 in the state for the total number of students who annually transfer to UC and CSU campuses.


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The Basics
Setting easy access to San Francisco and San Jose
School Type State and locally supported, Coed
Tuition US$7,500
Housing Homestay
Transfer Records UC Berkeley, UCLA
Current Weather
School Website
General Information
State California (CA)
Location Cupertino
Nearest City San Francisco
Environment Suburban
Campus Size 112-acre
Year Founded 1967
Admission Req.m HKDSE / F.6
Academic Calendar Spring / Fall / Winter
Level Offered Associate degree, 2-year University Transfer Program
Enrollment around 9,300 undergraduate students
Student-to-Teacher 30:1


* De Anza College is a diverse campus, it has a huge and beautiful campus which allows you to roam around and find peaceful places of seclusion. It has good food in the cafeteria, with lots of really interesting demographics of people to meet.

* Students feel safe all the time since campus police usually patrolling around the campus.

* There are also a lot of clubs you can join.



* While its Library is huge, it also has a good collection of Online Resources, including databases, eBooks and streaming video which are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. And online software support is available through the Library West Computer Lab.

* De Anza has an animation lab that give you access to industry standard programs.

* Other facilites include Listening and Speaking Center, Writing Center and Math Center, Conference Rooms, Lecture Rooms, Classrooms, Performance Rooms, Specialized Rooms (ie: Labs, Planetarium, etc), Outdoor Facilities, Sports Facilities, Visual and Performing Arts Center.


The extra help available will make the difference

There is so much help on campus for those who find themselves struggling academically or simply just need a place to study. For example, students can go into the math tutoring center * after the class. You can just have a nice to do homework and ask any questions if needed.


Benefits of Quarter system

* De Anza runs on Quarter system that gives the students the ability to quickly get all the credits they need to transfer out. This is because you have a drastically less workload.

* You still have plenty of work, sure, but you are not forced to take 5 or 6 classes at a time like other community colleges. This gives students more flexibility. The classes take about 3 weeks as well.



* De Anza is a nice community college and the environment is great for learning. The teachers there really care about your education and they want you to do your best so that you can have a better future.

* Since it is located right near Apple, De Anza is convenient for internship opportunities especially for an engineer.


The Foothill & De Anza Colleges

* Over the past 60 years, Foothill and De Anza Colleges, located in world famous Silicon Valley, have ranked among the top two-year colleges in the U.S. These two sister colleges are * famous for outstanding academics and successful transfer to world-class universities.

* Foothill and De Anza Colleges form an Educational Hub at the center of world-famous Silicon Valley. The Foothill/De Anza school district prides itself on the quality of the education it provides. They have several part-time instructors on their staff list who also teach at Stanford University and other nearby universities.

* One of the largest college districts, they together enrolled 45,000 students, including 3,800 international from 100 countries.