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Foothill College 山麓學院 (加州 CA)


Located in world famous Silicon Valley, Foothill has ranked among the top two-year colleges in the U.S..


The college is famous for outstanding academics and successful transfer to world-class universities, Foothill enrolls around 4,000 full time undergraduate students of which around 700 are international students.


The campus is lovely and surrounded by trees, student can find a spot to sit and think. It is safe walking through the campus. It has a very nice library with a quiet zone for studying.


The professors are high quality and kind, they are enthusiastic and there to help. They are a little bit strict on students, but that is actually good for the students.


Foothill has an immersive campus culture and a very active student government, club life which is rare in community colleges. There are various activities and events throughout the week for day students.


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The Basics
Setting easy access to San Jose
School Type State and locally supported, Coed
Tuition US$9,000
Housing Homestay or apartment
Transfer Records UC Berkeley, UCLA
Current Weather
School Website
General Information
State California (CA)
Location Los Altos Hill
Nearest City San Francisco
Environment Suburban
Campus Size 122 acres
Year Founded 1961
Admission Req.m HKDSE / F.6
Academic Calendar Spring / Fall / Winter
Level Offered Associate degree, 2-year University Transfer Program
Enrollment approximately 20,000 students
Student-to-Teacher 30:1



Foothill College offers over 100 university transfer majors ranging from business administration, marketing, and engineering to animation and film production, biotechnology, informatics, GIS, nano-science, and environmental science.


The College has a very active Transfer Centers that provides outstanding transfer support such as academic counselors who specifically serve international students.


As long as you work hard, getting into UCLA for the next two years as a transfer student is not a dream, due to their TAP program and great counseling.



Campus highlights include leading edge Computer and Multimedia Labs, Broadcast Media Center, Dental Clinic, Stadiums, Golf and Tennis Complex, Olympic-size Swimming Pools, and a Planetarium. General


Classes and Teachers

The class sizes are usually 40 or less people, which give you the opportunity to connect with not only your classmates but your professors as well.

The professors are high quality and kind, they are enthusiastic and there to help.


Foothill offers offer a lot of tutoring and extensive online courses.


Online courses

Foothill offers extensive online courses.


Professors are accessible and helpful despite the distance learning situation.


Students can discuss course concerns & questions with their professors over email and some over Zoom (video chat) and through their responsiveness and commitment to their learning.


Classroom and Facilities

The classrooms are clean and organized.


The library and the STEM center is open throughout most of the day for students to relax and study if they have nowhere to go, or if they have to wait for the bus.


Faculty & Programs

The honors program is particularly helpful in getting students into their dream 4-year universities.


The engineering department puts in a lot of effort in getting students to learn the material.


There are a variety of STEM clubs on campus, like Engineering Club, Chemistry Club, Computer Science Club, etc. to get people involved in student life.


Student Administration & Counselling

Unlike many other colleges in the Bay Area, Foothill does not suffer from the same degree of overpopulation and impaction.


The administration can give the moderately-sized student body more attention because there aren't as many students requiring assistance.


The counseling department does a great job at acclimating new students to the college atmosphere.


Counselors really care about their students.


Students who plan to transfer to a 4-year university can rely on the counseling department to lead them in the right direction by creating an educational plan that ensures they meet the transfer requirements in a timely manner.


Campus Environment

The campus is not too big or small, it is quiet and not so impacted like other colleges.


Foothill has a good atmosphere because it is all trees and nature, so it is nice to look at it and be on campus.


The campus has the many stairs, and students will definitely get a workout while trying to get to their classes on time.


Cafeteria food is good.


Clubs & Student life

On campus, there are clubs to join, creative and academic competitions, and fun monthly school events.


If you want to make friends easily take a theatre class or join the theatre club everyone there is nice.


Students are encouraged to get involved through the weekly events on campus.


Students Life

Foothill College has many cultural and community events and student clubs including: Kiwanis Silicon Valley Bowl (December), Transfer Day (October), Career Fair, Club Day, International Students Night, Scholarship Ceremony and Commencement.


Heritage Month Celebrations: African American Heritage Month (February), Women’s History Month (March), Asian Pacific Islander Month (April), Latino Heritage Month (May) and Gay Lesbian Heritage Month (June).


Social Life

A few gripes with Foothill include the fact that the college is a bit secluded so there isn't much to do in the area

Even with a small student body, the parking lots can fill up quite quickly.


Los Altos

It is a suburb of San Jose City with a population of around 310,000.


Los Altos is very hilly, and is about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of San Francisco.


It is a very safe and well educated community. There are lots of famous colleges around this area. However, it is quite expensive to live there.


Los Altos is definitely has more white people than many cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, but everyone has been inclusive and accepting.


In Los Altos there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The attractions in downtown are mainly boutiques, banks, high-end bakeries, and doctor offices, there is virtually no nightlife, however, a larger suburb, Mountain View with a population of 82,000 is close by.


San Jose

It is a city of Santa Clara county, and lies in the Santa Clara Valley along Coyote Creek and the Guadalupe River.


Home of many high-tech industries, San Jose is often known as "The Capital of Silicon Valley", and is the largest city in the Bay Area and Northern California, the 3rd largest city in the state, and the 10th largest city in America.