何詩蓓(Siobhan  Haughey)成為首個取得東京奧運資格的香港泳手,剛經19年5月從密歇根大學 (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor) 畢業的她透露,未來一年會繼續留在美國大學訓練,並已在 UMich 取得工作機會,可邊工作邊練水。


美國大學畢業後的實習機會 OPT (Optional Practical Training)



計劃周詳 - 立志成兒童心理學家


土生土長的 Siohban 自小也重視學業,曾在DSE考獲35分,往美國升讀大學後才對兒童心理學產生興趣。

增取機會接觸有關所學 - 把握在美國留學期間的工作機會







2+2 University transfer program to get into top 60  Elite Program for direct entry to top 60 universities in USA

註1:何詩蓓如何選擇心理學作為她的主修課以及將來的工作 (2019)


Michigan is worlds away from Hong Kong. Winters in Ann Arbor, west of Detroit where the campus is located, have such notorious temperatures the university has an article on its undergraduate admissions website titled: “Frozen hair and what to wear: A survival guide to winter at Michigan.”

Haughey said her maiden snowfall was awesome.

“Freshmen live in the dorm and I still remember one Saturday morning it started snowing for the first time and all of the freshmen who don’t live in Michigan were excited and saying, ‘It’s snowing!’ So the first week it was really fun. And I have seen snow before but I hadn’t seen that much snow.”

The winter wonderland novelty soon wore off.

“After a while I was kind of fed up with it, you know, ‘This is so cold I need to go back to Hong Kong’. Definitely all of my winter clothes now, everything is bought in Michigan because all the Hong Kong clothes cannot stand this weather.”

Haughey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology this year with the intention of taking her master’s and becoming a clinical child psychologist. She is based in Michigan and working at a part-time job in her field when not training or competing.

Haughey said a developmental psychology class helped her narrow down her idea of a career after swimming.

“I’d say I’ve had a very happy childhood and I’d say through my classes and reading about what’s happening in the world I’ve realised a lot of kids don’t get to experience the world that I did or have the childhood that I had. In becoming a child psychologist, hopefully I can help these kids in any way possible.”

This would be helpful back home, where recent studies have noted one in three young Hongkongers suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, according to a Hong Kong Playground Association survey. The city is also notorious for its relentless lack of work life balance which parents invariably pass on to their children.

“I know a lot of kids in Hong Kong are very stressed, whether it’s from school, or other kids or their peers. And hopefully becoming a child psychologist dealing with their stress will help benefit them in the future.”

Haughey said her comfortable upbringing also shaped her as a swimmer and helped her stay calm under pressure. A recent article in Swimming World Magazine detailed an 80-hour journey that saw Haughey hop on an early morning flight from Detroit to Hong Kong on April 12. She got home after 15 hours in the sky, had dinner with her family, went to bed, then got up to smash a Hong Kong record and qualify for the world championships and the Olympics in the process.

Then she got on a plane the next morning and headed back to Michigan, where she went straight to the school’s athletic banquet to receive the Big Ten Medal of Honour. During this whole time frame she was also studying and writing papers for classes.

Haughey said her resolve and solid upbringing has given her the ability to zone in and accomplish goals with a heightened sense of discipline.

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