Santa Monica College 聖塔莫妮卡學院 (加州 CA)


Santa Monica College, SMC (聖塔莫妮卡學院) 為加州政府之兩年制社區大學。Santa Monica College同時也靠近 UCLA、University of Southern California及Pepperdine University。Santa Monica College 是加州最大及著名的社區學院之一,教學嚴謹。



Santa Monica College提供多種主修領域的大學轉學課程,包括商業、經濟學、物理學、電腦科學、傳播、平面設計、化學及工程。 學校亦提供文學副學士課程、職業認證課程和結業證書。 幫助學生順利轉學至優質大學是聖塔莫妮卡學院最重要的課題。 在轉學到四年制大學完成學士學位之前,已完成前兩年大學必修課程的學生可以獲得文學副學士學位。 Santa Monica College的班級人數通常比大型大學少,且課程重點放在幫助學生做好大學等級分科課程的準備。學生可以充分的使用實驗室和工作室,没有高年級生和研究生和他們競爭。

座落環境 東面鄰近洛杉機,座落於南加州 Santa Monica 的住宅區
學校類型 兩年制公立社區男女學院
學費 每年學費約七千五百美元
住宿 美國家庭(Homestay)
轉校紀錄 南加州大學
現時天氣 http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/usca1024
面書 (FB) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Santa-Monica-College-SMC-Official/387462755505
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/4santamonicacollege
維基 (Wiki) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Monica_Community_College
學校網址 http://www.smc.edu/Pages/default.aspx
州份 California (CA)
校址 聖塔莫妮卡
最近城市 洛杉磯
天氣 南加州的氣候非常好,一年有超過七成的時間是陽光燦爛的日子。
環境 市區
校園面積 40英畝
建校年份 1929
入學要求 香港中六
收生季度 春季,秋季
開授班級 副學士學位 - 兩年制大學銜接課程
學生人數 約 29,000人
海外學生 14%
師生比例 30:1


加州大學University of California: Berkeley, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Davis, Riverside, Santa Cruz


加州州立大學California State University: San Francisco, San Jose


其他大學: Cornell, Georgetown, Purdue, Michigan, Columbia, Boston College, Indiana University, University of Texas, University of Washington, College of Notre Dame, University of the Pacific, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Mills College




Santa Monica College具有現代化的圖書館、公共電腦室及設備完善的學習資源中心。 學生可以到學生休息室、自助餐廳、書店以及使用運動設施,包括游泳池、符合奧運標準的跑道、體育館及健身中心。






Santa Monica College 提供多種主修領域的大學轉學課程,包括商業、經濟學、物理學、電腦科學、傳播、平面設計、化學及工程。 學校亦提供文學副學士課程。 幫助學生順利轉學至優質大學是 Santa Monica College 最重要的課題。 在轉學到四年制大學完成學士學位之前,已完成前兩年大學必修課程的學生可以獲得文學副學士學位。



Santa Monica College主修學科





Santa Monica College內有許多新增設施,可作為人文及社會科學、生命及自然科學、音樂及護理課程的輔助教學之用。 全新的表演藝術劇場、音樂館及攝影藝廊則提供學生表演、演奏及展示攝影作品的地點。



在 LA的Santa Monica College,學生可以在一個城市化的地方讀書,交通便利。東邊毗鄰近Westwood都會區,西臨太平洋的風景區,所以這裡也是觀光娛樂及休閒之勝地﹔聖塔摩尼卡市內的第三街(The 3rd street)為洛杉磯內最佳的觀光步行區之一,當然這裡的生活費及租金也相對昂貴。





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註2: Santa Monica City Highlights

Excerpt from - http://www.latourist.com/index.php?page=santa-monica-city



At just 8.3 square miles in size, Santa Monica is a walker's paradise. Even though it's easy to explore on foot, however, Santa Monica also boasts one of the best public transportation systems in Southern California.

The city begins at the beach and extends just 30 blocks east. Streets are assembled in an easily-navigated grid system, so visitors rarely get lost trying to find a new restaurant or favorite shop. Tourists should take time to explore each of the eight districts of Santa Monica.


The Bayside District

(a.k.a. Downtown, encompassing the Third Street Promenade)

This is the city's premiere shopping and dining district. Here you'll find a number of well-known stores as well as local designer boutiques. The Third Street Promenade is a pedestrian-only area and Santa Monica Place is a traditional mall, both providing different shopping opportunities. Street entertainers are a common site throughout the Bayside District.



Home to some of the world's major movie, TV, and music companies (Sony, MTV, Universal), the Mid-City district has begun to gain a reputation as a center for the arts. Home to the Santa Monica Museum of Art, visitors to Mid-City can browse the largest collection of art galleries on the West Coast. The Santa Monica Historical Society Museum is also located here. Dining is fun in Mid-City as well, thanks to its large concentration of British and Irish pubs.


Montana Avenue

The most likely district to spot a celebrity, Montana Avenue is home to many upscale fashion boutiques as well as stores that sell high-end furniture, accessories, and gifts. This quiet tree-lined street also boasts wonderful cafes, bistros, and bakeries - including many that are frequented by the "rich and famous"


Main Street

An easy walk from the beach, Main Street is a laid-back thoroughfare full of coffee shops and other small retail establishments. The California Heritage Museum is also located here. The crowning glory of Main Street, however, is the weekend Farmer's Market, where you can buy much more than fruit and veggies.



Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier (including Ocean Avenue) - This is where you'll find the famous neon Santa Monica sign, often seen in movies and television. The Santa Monica Pier is home to an old-fashioned amusement park (Pacific Park), which boasts a number of historic rides as well as the first solar-powered Ferris wheel. Along Ocean Avenue, there's an abundance of art galleries, upscale eateries, and beautiful Palisades Park, which sits on the bluffs providing a stunning view of the ocean.


Ocean Park

Similar to Main Street in character, Ocean Park is home to small shops and cafes. Check out Bistro 310, a restaurant run by the culinary arts students at the Art Institute of California, for an affordable yet superb meal.


Pico Boulevard

This district at the southern end of Santa Monica is where the Santa Monica College is located and where the theater arts and music students at the college strut their stuff in excellent concerts and theatrical productions. There are also plenty of restaurants along the boulevard as well as a few boutiques, art galleries, and specialty shops.


Santa Monica Airport

If you're a lover of aircraft - both new and vintage - you'll want to make a visit to the Santa Monica airport, where many of the planes belong to wealthy Los Angelenos. The airport district also hosts an over-the-top Antiques Flea Market once a month.